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Our Story

A Family Business

A Family with Roots in the Textile Industry Going Back More than 30 years…

AIDENfabrics is owned and operated by, Allison and Jonathan Flanary. With family roots in the automotive textile, vinyl and foam business in Greenville, S.C., and the decorative fabric business in N.C., the Flanarys jumped into the retail fabric business by purchasing The Fabric Emporium in June 2014 in Mount Pleasant, S.C., and renaming it AIDENfabrics, after their son.

The Flanary family has over 40+ years of experience in the textile industry, servicing both the retail and wholesale sectors. Jonathan’s family’s adventures began in 1980, when Jonathan’s father Ed opened a retail fabric store in Greenville, S.C. Years later, he ventured into the wholesale and distribution markets and opened our sister company, American Foam & Fabric. In Allison’s family, her father spent 40+ years in the decorative fabric business working for Katzenbach & Warren, Stroheim & Roman and E. Gaspard & Associates. No stranger to the fabric business, Allison spent summers traveling with her father and helping with his fabric business.

Now, all these years later, Jonathan & Allison own and manage Aiden Fabrics in Mount Pleasant, S.C., while Ed owns and operates American Foam and Fabric in Greenville, S.C, and Allison’s father is happily retired. This family-owned and operated business has provided textiles to many business channels, including furniture, automotive, marine and aeronautical.

We are truly a family business. Husband and wife work closely every day and Allison’s brother David manages our inventory and warehouse. Jonathan handles the day-to-day operations of our stores, while Allison manages our e-Commerce, website and marketing.

Through the years, our family businesses have continued to grow by leaps and bounds and have been successful, we believe, because of our commitment to ethical and honest business practices. Our commitment to client satisfaction is our number one goal and it shows in how we do business each and every day. We strive to make every customer happy and to keep coming back time and again for all your home furnishing and design needs.

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Honesty and integrity are the backbone of our business. I’ve learned this from watching my parents in business and I model this at Aiden Fabrics.

What's in a Name?

When the Flanarys decided to embark on a retail store, Jonathan’s father Ed was inspired to name the store, “Aiden Fabrics” after his youngest grandson, the ever so cute and precious Aiden. He was then the only child of Jonathan and Allison. Everyone agreed, and so Aiden Fabrics was born.

Fast forward a year later, Jonathan and Allison welcomed a daughter, Sadie, in May 2015. So now the question becomes: does Sadie get her own store or business too? Stay tuned to find out…

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