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Bed Swing Packages & Customization Options

Swing Upholstery & Frame Sale

Bed Swing Packages & Customization Options

If you’re updating your porch, patio or backyard in the Lowcountry, you’re likely considering a bed swing as a part of your design or decor. You’re in luck. During the month of April, we have an Outdoor Living Sale going on that you don’t want to miss. This includes porch bed swings – take 20% off the frame and upholstery packages!

Bed Frame Customization Options

The beauty of our bed swings is that they are truly customizable. Visit our showroom and you’ll see a great example of a porch swing. The model shows side and back rails, twin mattress size, cushions, pillows and hanging ropes. You can take the signature look from there and change the dimensions, shape and style. So, if you want to widen or deepen the frame or change the shape of the rails for a more traditional or contemporary look, that’s certainly possible.

The standard seat is a twin mattress size, but, you can go all the way up to a king size. It simply takes more wood, so the price changes with customization options.

Style your swing bed with any color of your choice. We will match any paint color you find and treat it with an all-weather use so it holds up well. If choosing to stain the wood you can take it further by changing the wash like distressing the wood.

A typical swing is made with cypress, which grows in swamps so you’re working with wood that is already very resistant to water and weathering. But again, you can opt for another wood within reason like oak, and we will treat it with weather resistance.

Hang the swing bed with different material selection including a nylon white marine all-weather rope, brown natural fiber robe or stainless steel chains.

Basically, your customization options are pretty endless. If you’ve found an inspiration photo, bring it in, and we’ll help you recreate it.

Upholstery Package Options with Aiden Fabrics

Your typical upholstery package includes an all-weather mattress, two round bolsters (neck rolls) and five pillows across the back. The mattress and inserts for the pillows are all weather and made for outdoor use – mold/mildew resistant and water repellent.

Standard Package

You have the option to customize the inside mattress and upgrade it to a higher level of foam rubber called quick-dry foam. It is a more open cell, porous foam that allows the foam to dry much quicker than our standard foam, which is still made with antimicrobial. The upgrade still has the comfort and cushion as the standard option, but for people who want low maintenance and cushions that dry out quicker, then you’ll want to upgrade.

From there you can take the package and design the pillows and bolsters in different ways. If you don’t want bolsters but prefer more pillows, you can go with seven pillows across the back. Or, if you want to change the back five pillows and want cushions instead, you can upgrade it and go from pillow/bolsters to cushions on the side and back.

As you customize more, though, the package will become more expensive. But, remember you can get 20% off this retail price during the month of April.

Popular Fabrics for Bed Swings

Lately, we’ve added a few different lines with more solution dyed acrylics like Outdura and Sunbrella. They have done a good job with giving us different coastal and fun designs in woven fabrics. Typically the real fun vibrant designs in outdoor fabrics are printed polyesters, but they are not as resilient to some of the fading as a woven acrylic fabric. We also have Bella-Dura and Tempo Test – both woven patterns and fun, coastal colors. They are usually at the same price point as the solid fabrics or not much more. This gives our customers the opportunity to do a solid, base cloth on the mattress and bolsters and then add woven fun fabrics and colors to the pillows, which really takes your swing to the next level with those solution dyed acrylic woven fabrics.

We usually recommend going big and bold and have fun with your fabric selection as in a few years you could have a brand new looking swing without a lot of money to change it out. Right now outdoor fabric makers are giving more options with solution dyed acrylics with fun outdoor fabric patterns around the same price point. So, have fun!

Bed Swing Shopping Tip

Figure out what space you’re working within and where you would like to put your bed swing, first. Covered porch? Pergola? Arbor? Outside?

Find out how much space you have for both the frame and the movement of the swing. Example, if you are going to put it on a narrow porch, you need to identify your working dimensions so that the swing can be in a position that doesn’t look cramped and have enough movement space so you can easily rock it without banging a wall or the side of the house. Take down your working dimensions and bring them in with you.

Also, as you identify where you’d like to hang the swing, make sure the space will hold the weight. A typical Charleston porch or patio ceiling is beadboard or siding and you need to be able to get to a joist or beam where it can hold the weight. If you’re unsure, have your contractor take a look.

Questions about our Bed Swings? Our designers are always available to help you shop and customize the perfect swing for your space. Stop by our showroom anytime!

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