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Building a Cohesive Room Design

Sarah shares how she creates color stories

Building a Cohesive Room Design

When approaching a room design, in-house Interior Designer Sarah believes there should always be a starting point to serve as the main building block. Sometimes that could be a large piece of furniture, antique piece, wall or floor color that will star as the dominate feature in the room. In other instances, Sarah will help her clients build a foundation by selecting the main textile or fabric. Once it is determined, the process for building a cohesive room design begins!

Drawing on the main tones from that building block, Sarah then creates a color story. This generally includes complimentary designs, textures and colors for the main elements of the room like upholstery, wall and window treatments, followed by the area rug, which will bring the design story full circle.

A room palette is not built in isolation, however. Not only will Sarah familiarize herself with the room, she also believes it is important to see what is going on around that space (i.e. hallway or adjacent room). This affords her the opportunity to create a palette that will feel cohesive with the rest of the home. Her client’s needs and tastes are always front and center, and she carefully introduces comfortable elements that will work with them.

Here are a few examples of real customer stories. Sarah has worked with both at Aiden Fabrics to build their room designs with samples, textiles and fabrics right from the showroom floor.

Flooring as the Focal Point

Recently, Sarah worked on a home that had very basic carpet installed throughout the entire second floor, which could not be changed. Sarah recommended detracting from that with a really fun pattern on the windows so eyes were drawn upward. She took that design approach one step further by COOLING down the background with a patterned wall paper in an icy blue. Even though they were boxed in with the carpet, they were able to find stunning fabrics for the windows that served as the design inspiration for the entire room.

Taking the design from the walls to the floors, Sarah found a nice area rug that would lay nicely over the carpet, creating a distinguished sitting area in the room.

Kitchen Backsplash Feature

Another client recently moved into a new home with dusty olive tile backsplash in the kitchen. Having never worked with greens before from a design standpoint – but also needing to tie that color into her new home setting – Sarah used the olive as inspiration for the home’s color story. She chose an accent chair fabric that pulled in the green and went a step further to soften the amount of green by choosing a blue linen sofa upholstery. This gave the room a crips and clean touch.

Taking advantage of Aiden’s April Flooring Sale (with 20% off), Sarah added on by helping the client choose an area rug, which served as the foundation for the room.

Sarah’s Approach to Flooring

For Sarah, area rugs help distinguish multiple areas within a room. Sometimes when clients are just working with carpet, it gets challenging to carve out work and sitting areas. Or, perhaps there are two different sofa setups in one great room. It can feel vast if the flooring is continuous without any distinguished areas. Adding smaller areas rugs help to define these spaces.

Sarah currently favors Fibre Works area rugs (especially their Tiki collection) as they are flat and fantastic for entry ways or under dining room tables. Since they can be cut down to any size and sold by the foot, they are versatile for any home or space.

As natural fiber rugs, they mix well with patterned wools, vintage flat weaves or antique rugs. Layering options are great with this foundation.

Interior Design Help

There is a dedicated design space within the Aiden Fabrics showroom. Feel free to take it over and create your own color story using fabrics, textiles and area rug samples from our store. Tap Sarah – or any of our other Interior Designers on staff – for help building a cohesive room design! And, don’t forget to take advantage of our flooring event while you’re there!

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