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DIY Cushion & Pillow Inserts

Tips for Updating Your Decor

DIY Cushion & Pillow Inserts

We’re all getting excited about the Holiday season and preparing our homes for guests and family! Seating is a very important part of creating a welcoming and comfortable environment, so we’ve spent some time putting together a couple of quick tutorials to help you make some last minute cushion and pillow insert changes before guests arrive. Watch these short DIY instructional guides full of tips and let us know if we can help you shop pillow inserts or cushion replacements at Aiden Fabrics!

How to Choose the Right Pillow Insert

Today, Jonathan at Aiden Fabrics talks all about pillows inserts. Refresh your pillows at home with these tips for choosing the right pillow forms, including quality, different types of fill and sizes. Compare down vs. poly blend pillows and when/where to use each. Finally, find out what size pillow insert to purchase. As always, the team at Aiden is always available to help with your selections and ensure you’re selecting the right materials for your indoor or outdoor space.  

How to DIY Replace Cushion Inserts and Foam

Couch or chair cushions flat or lumpy? Replace your foam and wrap with an easy DIY fix. Start with the right width foam, use a sharpie to trace the cushion, use a turkey knife to cut around the corners, fold it in half like a pillow insert and place inside existing cushion cover. We have everything you need in our showroom to take care of this before guests arrive for the Holidays! Make your piece of upholstery feel brand new! Our team can also take care of this for you if you’d rather not DIY. 

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