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New Home Accessories Line

Fashionable Finishes from Elk Home / Stein World

New Home Accessories Line

We’re excited to announce the additions of Elk Home & Stein World to our list of home decor brands. The artisan-crafted details found in their furniture articulate a design flair that works in almost any home. From on-trend furniture and decor to lighting fixtures and lifestyle accessories – their classic collections provide well-coordinated styles and charming aesthetics.

See how they’ve incorporated uncommon materials for truly unique pieces. Here are a few of their newer designers, which are all available for custom order. Don’t forget that we have 20% off custom orders in June.

Summer Love with Coordinating Hues & Patterns

The season is just getting started with bright skies outside and still a lot of indoor/at-home living. This season is unlike any we’ve had in the past. Create a feeling of summer love right at your home and experience comfort and style. Elk Home is known for establishing trends and creating coordinating collections. Here’s their latest for Summer 2020:

Inspired? If you want to shop Elk Home, simply stop in our store during normal business hours or call to place a special order over the phone. We’re always here to help you explore the latest trends and styles from Elk Home and Stein World!

All images by Elk Home Design

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