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Tips for Selecting Your Upholstery Fabric

Jonathan discusses quality, price and quantity

Tips for Selecting Your Upholstery Fabric

Shopping for custom furniture? During our March Annual Upholstery Sale, we receive many questions about upholstery fabric selection. Jonathan provides some quick tips and tricks for selecting the right upholstery fabric for your frame, including Quality, Quantity and Price.

Jonathan provides some quick tips for choosing the right fabric for your furniture frame, including fabric quality and quantity.

How Much Fabric Do I Need?

We carry many well known furniture lines such as Sam Moore, Rowe Furniture and Gabby Home. Once you have shopped our showroom or their custom order books and selected your furniture frame, the first question typically asked is how much fabric do I need? When choosing the right quantity, here are some general guidelines: .

3 Seat Sofa – 18-20 yards

Club Chair – 8-10 yards

Larger Sectional – 40-50 yards

Of course, each frame is different, so work with our design team to determine the exact amount needed.

Sam Moore
Sam Moore

How Much Does Upholstery Fabric Cost?

Prices vary based on your upholstery fabric selection, but a generally if you are shopping off of the rack, your fabric will likely fall in the $20-$30 per yard range for solid upholstery fabrics. If you go with a custom order book selection, costs could increase to $40 per yard. It does depend on the pattern and mill. If you consider these fabrics – and you cannot find something in quantity on the floor – just let us know and we will price that for you and get you the best quantity price from the mill.

in-stock fabric
In-Stock Fabrics at Aiden Fabrics

How do I choose the Right Quality?

There are two quality factors to consider – the weight of the fabric and whether or not to choose a performance fabric or type of fabric with treatment to hold up to wear over time.

First, check the weight of the fabric. Medium to heavy weight fabrics have latex backings to help strengthen the threads, prevent pilling, fortify them and give them longevity. Look at the double rub counts (sitting down and getting up equals one double rub.) General rule is to look for fabric with 15,000 double rubs and up, which is suitable for every day upholstery.

Gabby Home

If you find a lighter weight fabric and sill want to use it on your every day upholstery, you can send it off to get a latex backing applied as well as a stain repellent to make it last longer.

Performance fabrics are highly recommended as they are easy to clean and highly durable. Crypton is an example of performance fabrics, which has high double rub counts and a lifetime finish that is cleaned with either their solution (or make up a home solution with Dawn and water with the ability to clean it in your home.) This is a best seller!

crypton fabric
Crypton Fabrics

Shop Upholstery Fabrics

Our showroom has many sample pieces of furniture that can be customized with either the brand’s fabrics or COM (customer’s own materials), which means you can shop our expansive showroom and pick any fabric that you see. Each March, save 20% off in-stock and custom upholstered furniture so now is the best time to shop and save.

Rowe Furniture
Rowe Furniture

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