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Using Outdoor Rugs Indoors

Interior Designer Meredith Provides Tips

Using Outdoor Rugs Indoors

With so many versatile options, outdoor area rugs are often used in any part of the home – from poolside spaces to interior bathrooms. They are very durable, well-constructed and stain, weather and fade-resistant. In-house Interior Designer Meredith talks about using outdoor rugs indoors, along with the benefits, placement tips and new trends/styles for the summer.

Outdoor Rug Construction

Most outdoor rugs are made of polypropylene, olefin, polyester, bamboo, hemp and nylon. There is quite an assortment with different styles and brands, but the construction is consistent. With materials that hold up to wear and tear, outdoor rugs are chosen for many indoor spaces. Let’s also not forget how much more affordable they are than indoor rugs.

Cleaning outdoor rugs is also much easier; usually water, Clorox, or dish detergent will work, avoiding professional rug cleanings. Our store owner, Jonathan, usually takes his out to the driveway and hoses them down for an easy cleaning job. Meredith suggests to simply check the cleaning instructions by the brand.

Why Outdoor Rugs work Indoors

Meredith suggests considering outdoor rugs in almost any room of the home, but especially spaces that have water like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Also, outdoor rugs are nice for high-traffic areas such as entries, family rooms, kid’s rooms and entertainment spaces. Don’t forget the dining room and kitchen! Because they are so easy to clean, grease and spills can be managed with stain resistant materials.

Finally, if you have a large room, and you want an area rug to cover a lot of square footage, outdoor area rugs can help to accomplish that goal without breaking the budget. As mentioned, these rugs are far more affordable, so Meredith will often show oversized outdoor rugs to clients who want lower price points.

Popular Outdoor Rug Styles

The design of outdoor rugs has come a long way, and it’s very difficult to decipher between indoor and outdoor based on the look alone. Formerly, it was very typical to find very bright colors and bold patterns that screamed “outdoor”. Now, there are so many styles that mimic indoor design, along with softer hues, neutral tones and lighter patterns. Because of this, Meredith is quick to grab an outdoor rug to use indoors.

Shoppers are also paying very close attention to texture. Formally, sisal area rugs were very popular, but many noticed that they are quite hard and crunchy under the foot. Now, there are many knotted area rugs that are much softer and comfortable, making them a popular outdoor rug choice. Also, Meredith is seeing a lot of rug patterns that resemble fabrics, like very small chevron patterns that almost look solid or pinstriped. This look is a top seller at Aiden:

With so many popular styles that come out each season – and because of the price point – outdoor area rugs can be changed more frequently on a budget. Decide on a style that fits the look of the season and change it out easily with new looks. Or, opt for a more traditional look that will not only hold up to traffic and water, but also work with any seasonal room accessories.

Top Outdoor Rug Brands

Meredith’s favorite outdoor rug brands include Surya, Company C and Dash & Albert. She has ideas for clients that walk into Aiden that fit any space or price point. Here are three of her current favorites:

Surya Eagean-2302 – 100% Polypropylene

Surya Santa Cruz-6014 – go browns/greys/mixes – 100% Polypropylene

Dash & Albert Two-Tone Rope Graphite – 100% Polypropylene

Outdoor Poufs

Complete the look with a functional outdoor pouf. Just like outdoor area rugs, poufs are available in many different sizes and styles. Meredith’s favorite right now is a braided hemp pouf by Dash & Albert. It pairs fantastically with the chevron area rug:

Or, choose a different color or pattern style!

These outdoor poufs work in any room of the home.

Braided Natural Indoor/Outdoor Pouf by Pine Cone Hill

Designer Help

Ready to shop for outdoor area rugs? Don’t be afraid to use them indoors. Meredith and our entire team of Interior Designers are ready to help you create the perfect look for your indoor or outdoor space. Stop-in during normal business hours or schedule a consultation to have a dedicated team member ready to help you select your outdoor area rug.

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